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Tom Peterek is a licensed mechanical engineer in Ontario. Tom also has his Tool and Die Maker certification and his Electronic Engeineering Technician certifications. Tom's involvement includes setting up a mid sized prototyping facility within a design and manufacturing company, complete automation cell design, defective model repair and rebuilding, hand held computer design, industrial product design and consumer product design.

Having been in consulting since 1996, has given Tom an exposure to a vast mixture of environments, modeling practices and products.

Teaching Pro/ENGINEER for over 10 years allowed Tom to perfect his modeling skills and hone his ability to analyze and repair models that were incorrectly built or that became unstable, due to too many imporper modifications.

Designing, improving and maintaining a modular product line, for numerous years, yielded a skill set including design for manufacturing, molded plastic part design, die cast design, cnc parts, component selection, cost reduction, lifecycle testing, reliability assessment, deficiency recognition and repair, to name a few.

The combination of these skills, make Tom ideally suited for any short or long term, contract design scenario.